How to get rid of procrastination?

‘Procrastination is time theft.’ Procrastination has been practised by humans for generations. The act of delaying or postponing tasks is known as procrastination. There is always a danger that you are wasting time, no matter how well organized or committed you are. When you procrastinate, you are wasting time that could be spent on something important. So, here are a few points to help you stop.

Stop shaming yourself for being a procrastinator.

The more stressed you become, the more difficult it will be for you to do your assignment. Don’t be angry or frustrated with yourself; instead, concentrate on the task at hand.

-Guilt and regret are both emotionally taxing. You will become more weary and frustrated if you yell at yourself for not starting a project two weeks ago. It will even stress you out.

  • Break tasks into smaller pieces

It can be overwhelming to think about finishing a whole task. Instead of thinking of everything you have to do break it into tiny pieces. You will be able to start from tiny pieces and go forward from them.

For example: instead of thinking ”I need to finish writing my essay by 10 PM tonight,” tell yourself that I am going to make a short outline, then fill it and I will look for quotes.

Avoid making a long and disorganized list. It will just push you towards a failure section.

  • Give yourself a pep talk of motivation

The best way to calm down is to talk to yourself, get focused, and meet your goals. Talk to yourself taking your name out. Tell yourself that you can or you will do it.

-Self-talk by telling something like; “Jyoti, I know this week have been tough and you are tired too. You have written hundreds of essays before, and even today you are going to rock it.-

-You can also ask yourself questions: Jyoti why are you nervous about this? You know that you can handle this.

  • Pick a workplace that works for you

Find out the best place where you do most of the work and the environment where there is a limited distraction. It is so important to have dedicated space for your work.

This can be a library, office, or a living room of your own.

  • Promise yourself that you will get a reward when it is done

Just tell yourself that once you are done with the work you are going to celebrate with your favourite dish or a drink. Use that anticipation to push yourself through that pain.

Procrastination is rooted in many causes such as lack of self-motivation, numerous distractions, and fear of uncertainty and failure. Each of them will lead to negative consequences for your career, studies, health, and personal qualities. Thus, procrastination will prevent you from rising through the ranks, succeeding in every training other fields. So, every one of us must motivate ourselves and stop procrastinating.